About Us

2 + 2 = 5

Our USP is that we work together with you as partners to unlock the value in your business. 

Together, we articulate the challenge. Then we go on a discovery phase with your team and a deep dive diagnosis. 

Continuing to walk with you, our next phase is strategy, where we identify the solution collaboratively. 

Our last and critical phase is implementation and importantly we work with you to measure the value add. Because 2 + 2 really does equal 5.

Fatima Wesson Founder Profile

why choose us?


Honeyrock was founded by Fatima Wesson, CEO, who leads our marketing agency.

From Gap, the iconic international fashion retailer, to Phaidon, the leading publisher of creative arts books, she’s worked with some amazing brands.

We offer a personalised marketing experience for small and medium sized businesses that want to stand out from the crowd and blow away their competition.


David Wesson CoFounder

David Wesson is our lead strategy consultant, former CEO and NED. He is Managing Partner at Honeyrock.

David has worked with organisations such as Virgin Group, Bain and OC&C on business strategy, business transformation and value improvement, all to produce clear vision-driven strategic plans for impact and growth.

David is an accountant by trade having qualified with Arthur Andersen in corporate recovery before moving to commercial trading roles where he developed market-leading customer propositions and strategy for Virgin.

He is a seasoned CEO, specialising in turnaround and value improvement. He is also currently a Board director at Tearfund and City Gateway.

We have a small, but mighty and highly experienced team, and we take enormous pride in our work.