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We’ve managed budgets of up to £4.7m, but more importantly, we’ve successfully worked with small and medium sized businesses that have had much smaller marketing budgets.

We use our marketing experience and expertise to help businesses like yours make more money, and get their message out there.

In this day and age, where the internet has really levelled the playing field, there is so much opportunity out there. Which is a good thing… but it can also be a bad thing. A lot of the businesses we’ve worked with have felt overwhelmed by the huge number of marketing channels they can take advantage of. 

cut through the noise

We get it! There are so many choices. But, what we love doing is helping the businesses we work with to create a marketing strategy that is specifically tailored to their business, and to their unique goals and aspirations.

We cut through the noise to help guide your business on the marketing journey that will get you more sales and more customers whilst being true to your brand.

And the great news is, you don’t need huge budgets to achieve massive success with your marketing. You just need a smart strategy, and a fresh approach. And that’s where we come in.

Are you a small or medium sized business that wants more customers, more sales and more traffic? We’d love to help you do just that.

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cut through the noise

why choose us?


honeyrock was founded by Fatima Wesson. She’s a qualified Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Marketer with 15+ years of experience. 

From Gap, the iconic international fashion retailer, to Phaidon, the leading publisher of creative arts books, she’s worked with some amazing brands.

We have a small, but mighty and highly experienced team, and we take enormous pride in our work.

 We offer a personalised marketing experience for small and medium sized businesses that want to stand out from the crowd and blow away their competition.